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There's still time to claim the ERC


The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is now more accessible. Explore your eligibility today!


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Our Services


Taxcred is a team of trusted advisors committed to providing you with objective and personalized guidance from the time that you select a tax credit company that will best fit your business all the way through to when you receive your credit package.

Reliable Tax Credit

Taxcred has vetted several tax credit companies to ensure that we have a diverse set of options to fit the unique personal needs of your business.  After an initial conversation with a Taxcred advisor, we will connect you with a reliable tax credit partner that will help you maximize your credit and achieve your goals.


Taxcred has pre-negotiated the best fees that our tax credit partners have to offer. Our fees are also built on a contingency-based, success fee model and we are compensated by our tax credit partners, so there is no additional out-of-pocket expense for you to work with us.

What Our Clients Say

Chief Financial Officer

Manufacturer (~125 Employees)

"When we initially looked into the ERC, we concluded that we didn't qualify because we deemed ourselves an essential employer and never shut down. Taxcred Advisors encouraged us to take a second look by connecting us with a tax credit partner that helped us claim our credit." 

Chief Operating Officer

Energy Company (~80 Employees)

After taking the PPP loan and seeing an increase in gross receipts in 2020, we were confident that the ERC wasn't worth pursuing, until we talked to Taxcred Advisors, who connected us with a tax credit company that made the process simple and helped us receive a credit package of more than $1 million.”

President, Owner

Car Dealership (~450 Employees)

“Taxcred Advisors was so helpful in connecting us with an ideal tax credit company that helped us maximize our credit. They also provide personalized audit support, which gives me peace of mind in knowing that we will be supported if our multi-million dollar credit package is ever audited. ”

On December 28, 2020, the CARES Act changed, making the ERC the most lucrative tax credit in US history, and allowing companies that took PPP to potentially qualify for the ERC.

Get ERC even if you received PPP. 
Find out how today! 

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Nothing on this website or in Taxcred’s statements shall be construed as a promise or guarantee about the outcome of any client or prospective client’s application for the employee retention tax credit. Taxcred makes no such promises or guarantees. Taxcred makes no representations or warranties. All statements of Taxcred on any such matters are statements of opinion only.